Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Globe Experience Story

So how did this all happen? How did I win a free bike from Globe and become one of their team of bloggers?
I first found out about Globe Bikes on the Bikes for the Rest of Us blog.  I went from there to the Globe bikes website and sat drooling over the different models of bikes.  I looked at every model, but became most interested in the Live and Haul models.  A few more minutes browsing took me to the Globe "culture" page which just had a short blurb about a blogging contest on the Globe Facebook page

I spent the entire rest of that day trying to think of something I could blog about--some reason that would justify winning a bike.  I was so excited about the contest I told coworkers, I called Becca at work and told her and I wrote a draft of what I wanted to say in my entry.  As soon as I got home from work I ran to the computer and pulled up the Facebook contest page.  I started looking at the other entries.  I read page after page of great writing, witty entries, stunning videos and funny stories.  And then I stepped away from the computer and the contest and went about my business.  I didn't think it was even worth trying.  First off, I never win anything (and is it just me or does everyone who wins something say that?).  It's true though. Secondly, those other entries were downright intimidating. 

Over the next couple of weeks I checked in a couple times on the contest, but mostly I pushed it from my mind.  I still found myself drafting an entry in my head.  Finally on the last day of the project I sat down and tapped out a stream of consciousness entry (which can still be found here).  I submitted it and then tried to put the whole thing out of my mind for awhile. I would check in every couple of days to see what was going on with the contest.  I was excited to see who they picked.  That is not a job I could have done--there were a lot of amazing entries from all over the globe (ok I meant to do that).

Then one day I decided to check on the contest again, as I waited for Becca to come home.  We were planning on taking a bike ride down by the golf course that night.  I saw a message posted that Globe was trying to contact people about their finalists and to make sure that if you entered the contest, your personal settings let people contact you on Facebook.  I changed my settings immediately.  Hope springs eternal I guess!  I then noticed I had a new message asking if I could add Jessica from Globe to my friends list.  Now I was getting excited!  Still, caution overrode my excitement.  I updated Becca and then we took off on our bike ride.  I remember we both laughed at the thought of me winning something (anything!) much less one of these bikes I had been lusting over!

Sure enough though, when we got home I had a message telling me I had been chosen as a blogger for the Globe Experience.  I can't tell you how many times I thought this whole thing was a joke, or that I was gonna find out it wasn't true.  I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Man, am I glad those doubts were baseless. Already the Globe Experience has proven to be an inspiration for me to keep reaching for my health goals.  I read the blogs of the other "Globers" and their stories lift my spirits and keep me motivated. 

After talking with Jessica about my riding needs, we decided that the Vienna model was a better fit for me.  She was great about helping me out with the technical details--I am still a newbie as they say and still trying to figure out and learn about the technical aspects of bikes.  I think I have spent hours looking at the picture of my soon to be bike.   I haven't had a new bike since I was maybe 16, so this is as good as Christmas morning for me. 

This is my bike today:

I love it for it's classic character, for it's timeless good looks, for the fact that it's my age.  I love it for where it has taken me, both physically and mentally/emotionally.  I love that it makes a "pair" with Becca's bike which is a white mixte.  I like that it's steel  and has 12 gears.  I like its "old school" odometer.  I love "Kenta" as I so lovingly named it -- if the internet can be trusted at all that means "well-built" which I thought fitting.  Every now and then I will probably take that bike on a ride, just for old times sake.

This is my new bike:

Tomorrow, I go to pick up my new Globe Vienna 4 at the local bike shop.  I am so excited to ride it, see it, and love it. 

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samantha said...

Hi Brenda,
I'm loving reading your blog, and look forward to hear how you get on with the Vienna... how awesome!
Happy riding

Shannon said...

Love the contest entry, it's no surprise they picked you! Congrats!