Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vote for Charlie Brown's Headbadge!

One of the neat things about my Globe Vienna 4 is that you can customize the headbadge.   As someone who changes my desktop photo at least weekly, the impermanence of this appeals to me.  Globe simply added a frame where the headbadge is normally affixed that allows you to slide your own picture into the slot.  I like knowing I can update that photo with the seasons, with pictures I've found or taken, with quotes or poems or even abstract color badges. 

You saw the super temporary first headbadge in the last post.  Now I would like you to vote and let me know which of the following pictures you think will look best on Charlie Brown.



Pick Charlie Brown's next headbadge!

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thecoghlans said...

Hey Brenda! I was wondering if I would ever find some college friends that had a blog like me & now I have! I love your new bike, very cool. :o)

Doris said...

I picked number 3 because of the slightly mysterious and semi -secretive smile on Charlie Brown's face- like he has a secret and isnt quite willing to share yet- like you on your bike- a new adventure awaits- you are just not sure where it may lead yet. "Two road diverged in yellow wood...and I took the one less taveled."